Camera Wrist Strap



This wonderful and soft design leather strap with o-ring for hooking onto your camera. It comes with two leather scuff protectors to use while installing the strap.

The strap is 24cm in length and is 1.7cm wide with 16mm o-ring. It can attach to your favourite Mirrorless or DSLR camera by looping the o-ring through the strap eyelet of the camera. Once attached just wear the strap around your wrist and simply tighten with the leather adjuster to suit your comfort level.

The wrist strap is made for premium leather that is soft and strong. As you use the strap it will adjust to your style of wearing and size of your wrist just like a leather shoe, expect this leather strap to stretch and mould to you as you use it. Check out this wonderful review of the Camera Wrist Strap over at FujiXAus blog.

FUJIFILM is registered trademark of its respective organisation. They are not affliated with HG Leather Craft.

Installation is easy:

  • Place the scuff protector over the strap eyelet.
  • Open the outside end of the o-ring and hook it onto the strap eyelet
  • Rotate the o-ring fully through the eyelet, until its closed


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